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Top 5 Harry Potter Podcasts Adults Should be Listening to in 2023

Top 5 Harry Potter Podcasts All Adult Fans of the Series Should be listening to in 2023

Harry Potter has been around for over 20 years now and despite the author J.K. Rowling's tumultuous relationship with the fanbase, it seems as though there's never been more options for the fandom to choose from when engaging with podcasts.

Whether you grew up reading the books, are on your 152nd re-read of the series, love the movies, hate the movies, or you were late to the party like me and didn't dive into this fandom until your mid twenties. No matter your level of Potterhead, there's a podcast for you.

This article has just a few, 5 + 1 otherwise known as 6 to be exact, ACTIVE Harry Potter podcasts that I believe every adult fan of the series should add to their rotation.

The obvious self-serving honorable mention:

Harry Potter a Belated Binge

This is my podcast. The Harry Potter podcast that doesn't take itself or the books too Siriusly! Probably because I didn't read them until I was a grown man. Now, I'm taking you back to Hogwarts in a chapter by chapter style podcast that intends to give you a full re-read experience without having to pick up a book. I also aim to answer some of the hardest hitting questions in the fandom like:

  1. What did Albus Dumbledore know and when?
  2. Why does Harry only know 2 spells?
  3. Are there any competent adults in the Wizarding World?

Combining deep character exploration, theories & head canons, and poking fun at all the plot convenience, this podcast should leave you smiling every episode.

Listen on whatever podcast player you choose and please leave a 5 star review to help grow the show! There are also extensive Patron benefits for those who wish to sign up on Patreon.