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Oct. 27, 2022

Caution, Wet Floor - Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets - The Very Secret Diary (Book 2 Chapter 13)

Caution, Wet Floor - Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets - The Very Secret Diary (Book 2 Chapter 13)

This week on Belated Binge, I covered Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets chapter 13: The Very Secret Diary.

In this chapter, someone (*cough Ginny cough*) tried to flush a book DOWN A TOILET! Which is not the disposal method I would have recommended. But as plot would have it, *they* chose a toilet in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. One she just happen to be hanging out in. All of this lead Harry to obtain Tom Riddle's diary, which was not what a certain red-headed first year was thrilled to see. This was especially true after he received her singing Valentine. Eventually, Harry figures out how to communicate with Diary Tom, who shows him how Hagrid was framed for killing Myrtle 50 years ago!

I also shed some light (Lumos) on a theory I have that IF Harry had kept the diary, Diary Tom wouldn't have had a reason to release the Basalisk on muggle borns anymore. I also make my case for what his plan would have been, once he realized Harry Potter had his diary.

As usual, I pick my favorite Divination foreshadow moments from the chapter, callout characters by giving & taking House Points, and share the parts of the chapter that I believe are utterly Riddikulus! (all the puns)

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