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April 10, 2023

My ’Sons of Anarchy’ Story

My ’Sons of Anarchy’ Story

INTRODUCING Sons of Anarchy! Another addition to our little binge world!

As I did with Harry Potter over a year ago and The Office last week, I wanted to start by sharing my introduction, history, life experience, etc. with Sons of Anarchy (SOA)...

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INTRODUCING Sons of Anarchy! Another addition to our little binge world!   As I did with Harry Potter over a year ago and The Office last week, I wanted to start by sharing my introduction, history, life experience, etc. with Sons of Anarchy (SOA).   If you love this show like I do, or it's your first watch, I hope you'll take this ride with me!  

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Welcome to belated binge. The re-binge podcast that doesn’t take itself or the series too seriously. I’m zac and today is a special day because we’re planting the seed for a new binge series. Maybe my favorite tv show of all time. At least my favorite straight up drama, hands down. 


Today I’ll grease the wheels by sharing the story of how I nearly missed out on, but then became obsessed with…. Sons of Anarchy. 




Before we start, any episode of this podcast will have spoilers and adult language. Particularly with sons of Anarchy which is full of adult situations and craziness to discuss. Some shit is going to be downright uncomfortable. 


If you’ve been listening to the Harry Potter Binge you might remember I kicked that off with telling my Harry Potter story. When I got into it, why it took me so long. Why I enjoy it. All that jazz. And I want to kick off these new binges in a similar way. 


So here’s my sons of anarchy story. For starters this series premiered in September of 2008 and ran until December of 2014. 7 seasons and completed its full intended story arch. Kurt Sutter said he intended on 7 seasons from the beginning and that’s what he got. 


I didn’t start watching this show until sometime after spring of 2018. About a decade after it began and 4 years after it had run its full course. 


I got into this show after I bought my own motorcycle that year. If you’re listening to the potter binge you’ve probably heard me mention it at some point or another. But I bought my bike in spring of 2018. It’s a Harley. And when I was scrolling Netflix, saw a show about bikes and bullets that I had heard a lot of good things about, I decided to give it a shot. And I fucking loved it. Immediately. 


That’s unusual for me. Listen to my The Office story for more on that. But normally it takes me a few tries on a new show before I get into it. But once I do, I’m usually all in. I don’t remember a second after I hit play on the pilot of this show that I wasn’t hooked. 


But I do want to reiterate because someone listening to this who’s not familiar with me or the podcast is probably thinking. Oh this ducebag watched sons of anarchy and went out to buy a Harley and act like a tough guy. 


I didn’t start watching this show until after that slice of two wheel goodness was residing in my garage. 


This is also the point where I should throw this out into the world. I am not a member of any motorcycle organizations. You will hear some terms throughout this podcast that refer to a biker lifestyle, mc culture and what have you. I do not have any personal experience as a member of any clubs or organizations. But I do ride a motorcycle, I go to motorcycle type gatherings particularly pre pandemic and I have met people who’ve worn a patch. But at no point do I want to come off as though I am claiming membership to any organization or playing one on this podcast. 1% 99% or otherwise. 


Now that we have that shit out of the way. Why the hell did it take me so long to watch this amazing chaotic frankly fucked up masterpiece?? 


Well that’s actually kind of a funny story. So I was in college when SOA was taking over it’s piece of tv fame and it started off completely off my radar. I didn’t have a typical college experience for a white male dumbass American who went to college. 


My first couple years I was commuting 45 mins to campus and a manager at the family business by my house. When I wasn’t in class or driving I was working. Which ironically, usually meant driving because the family business was a pizza place and I was often delivering. 


I also had a girlfriend I was pretty serious about. I’ll spare you the drama. But that business didn’t make it much longer than that relationship. 


But one thing I remember is that as both were going through their respective disastrous endings, she had gotten really into this show she would go watch at her friends apartment every week. I had never heard of it. But it was called sons of anarchy and apparently the lead male character was super hott. 


Naturally, I didn’t exactly get curious to go watch it when it made me think of that freshly failed relationship. And soon after that my life got even crazier as I started working even more hours for less money just to survive. For my last couple years in college I would work at the radio station starting at 5am. Go to class at about 10. Then for awhile I’d work another job - eventually it became that I was just going back at the radio station at 3 to work until either 7 or 10 depending on the day. At some point it became unusual if there was a day that I wasn’t the one setting the alarm as the last person to leave and turning it off the next morning as the first person to show up. And class still happened in between. And I was doing other gigs on the weekends. Like DJing or whatever. Odd jobs too. I worked at a mall kiosk trying to buy people’s jewelry. I worked at a car dealership detailing cars. I worked at a sporting good store my buddies family owned. And that was my life until I finished college. 


It wasn’t until after I graduated I was able to land a more “normal” work schedule. I still did the odd jobs and took DJ gigs and whatnot. But I had a pretty consistent shift at the station that helped stabilize my routine a little. But all during that time I was all in on sports and music. They were my job and my hobbies and I’m not sure SOA ever even entered my mind again until years later when I had moved, started a career in what I actually went to school for, I was engaged and we had Netflix. Which was new to me!! And I scrolled by it several times and only recognized the name from that ex girlfriend from back in the day so I didn’t think much of it. I was obviously well over the breakup. So there wasn’t any sort of visceral reaction or anything. I just didn’t really know anything about it except she said it was great. 


Then I bought my Harley. And one day when scrolling I actually read the description of the show. That’s when I realized it was a show about bikers. 


I grew up around motorcycles. My stepdad rode a Harley until he traded it for a crotch rocket. My mom rode a Yamaha cruiser. We all rode dirtbikes and often took them camping for trail riding. I tried my hand at racing motocross as a teenager. And now that I have my bike, it’s like a family thing we can do because after I got mine they both ended up getting Harley’s again too. 


And ironically there might not have been a person more excited when I finally bought one then my mother. She was stoked. My dad…. Not so much. 


So that’s kinda what drew me to finally say ok. Let’s see why people were so hyped about this show. 


And it blew my fucking mind. I watch it about once a year now. Usually around January or February when I’m itching to get back out in my motorcycle but the weather is still garbage. It gives me a little taste of it. This past year though I saved it for the podcast. So I can’t wait to get back into it. 


Not my wife though. She hates it. She never sat down and watched it with me. But every time she would walk in the room when I had it on, it would be one of the most disturbing strange ass sex scenes that happen from time to time and she’s convinced that the whole show is just prison sex. 


But we haven’t gotten to, well any of those episodes yet. 


But we will…. And I’m really excited about it. 


Welcome to this belated binge of sons of anarchy!