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Protego go go listen to this podcast!

What a fun way to listen to someone who has only consumed the Harry Potter books as an adult. If you’re looking for a sarcastic takes and fabulous puns this is the place for you my friends. Aloha-give-me-mora this podcast!

Absolutely Excellent Show!

I love the way he goes through the Harry Potter chapters! He’s got a very engaging voice, but holy cow, he was noticing so much stuff that went over my head. Looking forward to whatever he tackles next.


I love the chapter by chapter aspect. You don’t miss a darn thing by doing it that way, and the host has made me think about the book in ways I never have!

A must listen

This show had me from the title. I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan and I love the idea that you have for this show. The hosting a wonderful and I love love love the idea of going chapter by chapter for one of my favourite series of all time. The discussion and dissection of each chapter is so fun for me and I really enjoy listening! I would definitely recommend this show!

Great show!

This pod is really cool! The host deepdives each chapter from a bunch of different angles and clearly knows his stuff. I'm looking forward to more!

Great Series

Great series so far! Can’t believe you almost missed out on the magic of these books! Never too late to make it right!